How IBPS Score is Calculated?

A lot of people have asked us about how IBPS calculates the Standard Scores in the Common Written Examination (CWE) for Clerks, Probationary Officers and Specialist Officers. Thankfully, IBPS has been very transparent in the process that it follows to derive the Weighted Standard Score that will be used by all the banks as the final score.

This article aims to provide you the method of calculating the Standard Score using some examples. So here is how IBPS Score is calculated:

(i) Number of questions answered correctly by a candidate in each objective test is considered for arriving at the Corrected Score after applying penalty for wrong answers.

(ii) The Corrected Scores so obtained by a candidate are made equivalent to take care of the minor difference in difficulty level, if any, in each of the objective tests held in different sessions to arrive at the Equated Scores by considering the distribution of scores of all the forms.

(iii) The Equated Scores so obtained are standardized (with Mean 25 and Standard Deviation 5) to arrive at Final Standard Score with a minimum ‘0’ and maximum ’50’ by following Linear Transformation Method.

Once the Standard Score is calculated for each test, the total weighted score is calculated using the following formula:

Total Weighted Score = Standard Scores of (Reasoning + Quantitative Aptitude + General Awareness + Computer Knowledge + ½ English Language + ½ Descriptive Paper)

Lets take an example. Say a candidate has the following Standard Scores in the CWE:

1. Reasoning (R): 36

2. Quantitative Aptitude (QA): 28

3. General Awareness (GA): 44

4. Computer Knowledge (CK): 40

5. English Langauge (EN): 38

6. Descritive Paper (DP): 30

Total Weighted Score of this candidate:

= R + QA + GA + CK + ½ EN + ½ DP

= 36 + 28 + 44 + 40 + ½ 38 + ½ 30

= 36 + 28 + 44 + 40 + 19 + 15

= 182 (out of 250)

So, this is how to calculate the TWS that you see in your IBPS Score Card.


4 thoughts on “How IBPS Score is Calculated?”

  1. Kindly clarify if a candidate forgets to darken the coloumn of “Test Battery No” on the omr sheet but has written the same with pen beside the booklet number, does the paper stand cancelled? Please obligde by replying.

  2. Can you plz tell me whether how much a candidate score if he has attempted around and with most probably the correct answers only rather it may be possible that the candidate has done around 3-5 ques wrong in each:

    Reasoning : 25

    English: 35

    Quantitative aptitude: 27

    Professional knowledge: 47

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